Hi! I’m Meredith, a nursing student and avid home baker. I’m often responsible for using up the local grocery store’s butter supply. I love baking pastries and bread and have a special place in my heart for 84% salted butter. 


My sister inspired me to start baking. I was amazed at what she had taught herself to do in the kitchen. So in 2010, with the help of lots of Youtube videos and tips from the Great British Bake Off, which was just starting out at the time, I taught myself to bake! If I'm not studying or working, I am likely making croissants or maybe some bread.  

French pastry is my jam. One of my baking dreams is to travel to France and make croissants in Paris using French butter (#goals). Besides baking, I love learning languages and often won't finish a sentence without throwing in a Spanish or French word, or two. Fun fact: I once broke my foot playing laser tag. At 26. 


about gingybakes

gingybakes is about butter and what you can do with butter. Baking can be intimidating, especially pastries! My recipes break down the most complicated bakes to make even the extremely technical French pastries accessible to the home baker. I truly believe we can all eat homemade croissants every day. 

So you want to give pastry a try! I recommend starting with my kouign amann recipe. It can be made in three hours or less and is very straightforward. I also have a dough lamination guide post here to help you out. 

Do you make pastry all the time and want a challenge? Try my croquembouche recipe. Caution: it involves hot and delicious caramel.


extra tidbits

I once spiralled into a late-night brioche episode that required me to knead the dough at 1am, 3am, and 5am. I've since learned to time things a little better.

I keep all my fave cookie and brownie recipes here too if you're looking for something classic. 

I use imperial and metric measurements (sorry!). A brownie recipe doesn't need to be as precise as croissants, so one recipe will use cups (brownies) and the other grams (croissants).

Throw baking and blogging together, and you need some photos. I use a Nikon D3300, a 50mm and a 18-200mm lens.